The Wave

Saturday night, I attended the Michigan vs. Minnesota football game. It was a memorable game occasion for a few reasons -- as can happen with any event that happens outdoors, the weather was a surprise. What I had thought was going to be a misty drizzle ended up being a torrential thunderstorm and as my friend and I approached Michigan Stadium we were both drenched to our very cores, despite our ponchos. My socks and boots were saturated. The legs of my pants were soaked. Yet having an experience like that in a crowd, when your adrenaline's pumping, and you're all there to root on your team -- it's magical anyway. Another reason this night was special was the title of this post -- the wave after dark. Ten thousand arms in the air at a time, a yellow-tipped ripple traveling counterclockwise and in varying patterns. Probably one of the greatest examples of human cooperation to be found. These trying times of division have made such traditions all the more special. 

There's really nothing like seeing it in person, but here's a sample from 1984: